Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pinterest Inspired DIY Holiday Nails

This season is a great time to show your holiday cheer by painting an easy design on your nails. Expert manicurist Gina Viviano found some fun nail designs on Pinterest and shares her step-by-process for each one just below. Try something new this season and paint your own nail design!


For this first image, paint nails your favorite Xmas red. I like Pirate by CHANEL. Paint your accent nails white. Let dry completely, one to two hours. Next cut slivers of scotch tape and apply diagonally to your accent nails. Apply red polish, wait 15-20 minute, carefully pull tape and apply topcoat.

holiday nails2)

This is a gorgeous, classy take on the French manicure. I love when French’s are done with lighter tips rather than darker. I feel a dark tip can make the nail look heavy. To achieve this look paint nails a rich dark color for impact. Vamp by CHANEL is my ultimate favorite. So high in quality, it covers with one coat. Paint tips gold and apply topcoat to finish.

holiday nail art3)

For this look, paint nails your favorite Xmas green and let dry one to two hours. Cut strips of masking tape and apply as shown. Paint gold and remove tape after 10-15 minutes. Apply red rhinestone or a dot of red polish at the tip of tree and finish with topcoat. I use Extreme Shine Top Coat by CHANEL.

holiday nail art diy4)

For this last look, paint nails white. Try Eastern Light by CHANEL. The formulation is milky, not stark with opaque coverage that doesn't streak. It's a good idea to have your black thread pre cut because you don't want to wait for polish to dry completely. Apply thread while polish is soft, (tweezers are helpful!) and gently push thread into polish just a little. Using a pointed cotton swab, dab on your green and red lights. As always, finish with topcoat.


Hope you feel inspired! Comment below and let us know if you plan on trying any of these nail art designs. do you have any holiday designs of your own?!


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  1. so pretty esp the gold and purple ones!!

  2. I love the christmas tree. Very cute!

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