Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fashion and Technology: Manicure App Mani Diaries

Manicure Diaries

Diaries are far from a new concept, historically people have been putting pen to paper to keep track of their days for centuries (like the incredible Anne Frank for example). I myself chronicled every insignificant part of my adolescent life in volumes of journals, and continue to do so now through Fancy Francy and other online outlets. And judging by the millions of people currently on social media, I'm clearly not alone. New social sharing sights pop up everyday helping users transform the internet into their own not so personal life diary and now their is a new one to add to this list, made especially for the "manicuremonday crowd. Mani Diaries is a new iPhone app providing a support group supportive platform for all you nail art instagramers. The app allows you to take your mani game to an all new level by tracking, managing, and sharing pictures and details about your manicures and pedicures. Now you don't have to scroll through 38 pictures of cats just to get to the good stuff, manicure diaries shows beautiful nails all day, every day.

Fancy Francy Mani Diaries

I got to test out the app (not to mention snag a free mani #PraiseHim) during a recent holiday beauty press event. Mani Diaries in partnership with Essie, provided mini manis featuring polishes from their Winter 2013 shearling darling collection. After getting my "nails did", I had my nails snapped for inclusion on mani diaries.

Although I myself don't have the discipline needed to keep my nails manicured and chip free all the time, I think this is a really cool social network app for those who do. I love the fact that it is a management tool for nail fashion enthusiasts (I'm all about the OCD like tracking of things) and its creating a community around people's shared love of manicured nails.  If you're interested in checking out this app, you can snag it free in the iTunes app store.

Comment below and let me know what you think about this app, is this something you plan to use?


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