Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom: Focus on Small Wins


Let's face it, life can be daunting. No matter how great or happy your overall life may be. Whether you a business professional working on a team you hate or a med student feeling overwhelmed by exams. We all encounter little obstacles along our path which dishearten and discourage us. BUT, there is an effective way to combat these little joy killers. Just as we can make daily deposits of change into our little piggy banks, we can likewise make deposits into our "bank if happiness" by focusing on small wins. Small wins are something that may not ordinary solicit a large gust of happiness from us but are achievements just the same.

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Grammys Fashion Report


This year's Grammys caused quite a buzz on social media last night and the office water cooler this morning. Per usual there were some hits, misses, and stand out moments (all things Beyonce related). And while I didn't actually watch the show, I went to an impromptu pre Grammys viewing party at a friends house to catch all the pre Grammy fashion action. Below are a few of my favs, see if you can guess the trend they all have in common ;)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

4 Drugstore Beauty Products to Combat Winter Skin

CVS Winter Beauty Products


Winter is in full effect and one of the biggest beauty problem many of us have is trying to keep our skin moisturized in the harsh weather but with a few quick swaps to your daily beauty arsenal, it's easy to combat winter skin. Keep reading to see my top drugstore picks to help prevent winter dry skin.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to wear the Pantene color of the year Radiant Orchid

Pantene Color of the Year Radiant Orchid Wardrobe Inspiration

Recently Pantene announced the color of 2014 as "Radiant Orchid". Now that 2014 is already over a week in, why not try to get into this year's color early? Below are four ways to incorporate this year's color into your wardrobe.
1. Nails: to ease into wearing this color opt for a radiant orchid hued varnish that will warm up your spirits in winter and look great by the pool in Spring.

2. Accessories: accessories are another easy way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe. Try wearing an orchid hued scarf in the winter, pointed toed flats in the spring, or a statement bag year long.

3. Makeup: Feeling a bit more adventurous? Try a sultry radiant orchid smokey eye for a fun alternative to the classic smokey eye.

4. Tops or Bottoms: Finally, the most daring way to wear this color is by going all in. Style a radiant orchid top with jeans and booties for a casual weekend look, give your favorite lbd (little black dress) a break by opting for an orchid variation or finally try out that printed pants trend by picking up a pair that incorporates this hue.


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Thursday, January 2, 2014

4 Trends Staying in Style for 2014


It's officially 2014! And for my first post of the new year, I thought it was only right to start with a trend report. Every year trends come and go, and while some of them we are happy to see be put to rest, others we wouldn't mind sticking around. So before you get your New Year's closet cleanse on, let's talk about the trends that will keep their rein in 2014.