Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fancy and Frugal: Forever 21 Launches Premium Makeup Line

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Forever 21 introduces an exciting new premium cosmetic collection, Forever 21 Cosmetics, launching in 50 U.S. stores and online just in time for Spring/Summer 2014. The new line is a full collection of beauty must-haves with an assortment of 23 products and 72 styles with prices ranging from $7.80 to $14.80. With its sleek look and feel, the line will be an immersive in-store experience for the beauty addict. From professional artistry makeup brushes and high-quality skincare fundamentals, to a mix of trending shades and core make-up essentials, the fully-loaded product range encapsulates the cool, bold and statement-making spirit of Forever 21.
“We are very pleased to be offering this line of premium cosmetics to satisfy the growing demands of our biggest fans,” says Forever 21 General Merchandise Manager Linda Chang. “With this new line, customers will be able to use a large array of wearable shades that are designed to be as subtle or dramatic as our consumer wants.”

The line launched in stores February 7 and online February 6 at The line was developed with the makeup savvy in mind and includes both cream and single eye shadows, lipstick, shimmer stick, blush, mascara, foundation, concealer and pressed powder in an array of shades and tints. The collection will be displayed in store to allow customers to test the product before purchasing.

Check out my picks from the line below!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Must Have Monday: Cute Work out Wear

Must have Monday: Workout Wear


The count down to Spring (aka mid-drift baring season) has begun and those of us who've put on a little "winter weight" are slowly but surely starting to wake up from our hibernation. With only a few precious weeks left to prepare for the "Spring body debut", I've been hitting the gym again and trying out a new diet (more on that later). As someone who is the furthest thing from a "gym bunny" I need all the help I can get to motivate myself to go to the gym. With that in mind, I've been eying new cute active wear, to make going to the gym slightly more enjoyable. Although typically I don't wear a lot of pink for some reason when it comes to work out gear, I love everything bright pink or black (just like my running shoes).

Keep reading below to see my active wear picks (pictured clockwise from left) and why they're on my "lust list".

- A cheetah print bra tank and sports bra it's definitely just the right pick me up for early morning workouts, which is why I'm loving these ones from Juicy Couture

- While the weather is still chilly, a light weight jacket is essential, such as this stylish pink windbreaker  from

- There's nothing like the perfect pair of running shorts, a staple for everyone's workout wardrobe. I love these classic dry fit ones from Nike.

- These bright pink yoga pants from Under Armor also caught my eye and almost made it into my shopping cart until I realized Birkram Yoga class not included


Comment below and let me know what's on your must have list this week!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 Trends in Bridal for 2014

Wedding bouquet

With Christmas and Valentine’s Day now behind us, chances are your Facebook timeline has already started getting flooded with engagement announcements as the unofficial start to wedding season begins. This year I'm going to be part of a wedding party and have been looking to social media sites like Pinterest, TV shows like Four Weddings, and blogs to stay up on the latest trends in weddings. Below are three trends in weddings for 2014 that are sure to be coming down the aisle!

1. Heavenly Hues: For 2014 weddings, expect to see lot of romantic palettes that mix soft hues with pops of rich, vibrant colors. Pinks continue to reign supreme in tints that range from blush and pale pink to rich rose gold jewelry. For a whimsical undertone, many brides are turning to lilac and Pantone’s color of the year, wild orchid. When contrasted with other popular pigments like navy blue, gray, green, gold and tangerine, the created combinations bring both the sweetness and drama.

2. Saying Yes to A Dress: The wedding gowns of 2014 exude romance with soft lace, rich fabrics and

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I'm Loving Now: Snowy Weather Essentials


Usually by mid February I'm starting to lust after warm weather clothes and accessories. Sadly, in light of the seemingly daily blizzard conditions here in NYC and across the country, instead I've been drooling over fur hats, cute snow boots, warm quilted leather, and stylish bags to dress up drab winter gear. I'm loving these ten items this week because they have just enough "fancy" and function to help make it through the last stretch of winter.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

William Okpo FW14 Recap

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February 11th, 2014 thirteen women marched single-file to mount carefully placed wooden crates, signaling the start of the William Okpo FW14 presentation. The pieces seemed to simply exuded brightness and warmth on a most cold and dreary day in New York City.The presentation included elements of a homage to their African heritage in the music selections and in the photography displayed in large color format from their partnership with charitable organization 14+.

The looks, which ranged from a blue-and-white crossed- culottes, A-line dress, jumper with skinny pants, draped skirt and top - were clean and crisp. The collection, seemed to shout a return to a time where paint and playtime reigned - yet incorporated an element of sophistication that kept it far from childish. This "unofficial theme" was visible in everything from the denim pieces, part appliqu├ęd with flowers and finished with daisy buttons at the collar, ala 90s Mary-Kate and Ashley; down to the glitter accented sandals and oxfords. When describing the inspiration behind F/W 14 (and arguably all predecessor collections), Darlene Okpo, one-half of the formidable duo behind William Okpo, articulated this desire to channel the spirit of their father. In her thoughts, he was this eclectic man of the 70s, one who took care in how he dressed and took his time, finding himself as a human being. It is this journey of self-discovery that comes out in this collection. With this in mind, the duo was able to make each look fun, incorporating color, and staying true to how Darlene and her co-collaborator Lizzy Okpo felt in the months and days preceding Tuesday night’s presentation. This organic process, Darlene notes, gave them the freedom to create and allowed William Okpo to escape the fate of fellow young labels that are so concentrated on getting into retail stores, they lose their style setting.


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*Reporting done for by Lami of LifewithLami


Noon by Noor FW14 Recap

Noon by noor

Noon by Noor definitely did not disappoint as they showed their Fall 2014 collection on February 10th. The theme of the collection, nature, was referenced throughout the show through the beautiful colors and unique prints. Cloud formations, crystalline structures and geometric patterns seen in minerals were all sources of inspiration the designers found in the natural environment and translated into the brand’s signature prints.

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="4591,4578,4588,4586,4582,4583,4585,4589,4584,4581,4587,4580,4577"]

The collection featured a nod to the oversized silhouette with voluminous coats, culotte pants and sweatshirts juxtapose straight dresses. Hints of masculine tailoring balanced sporty, effortless daywear; while the expanded evening wear repertoire focused on intricate embellishments unexpectedly scattered on tops or cascading down tiered gowns. The looks were modernized through experimentation with texture such as neoprene, waffle wool, mohair and a houndstooth jacquard wool. The color palette was almost as striking as the texture choices and boasted hues of  blue, cool mint, mauve, navy, burgundy and vanilla with pops of yellow, chartreuse and royal purple.

Overall the collection seemed to personify Fall fashion and had many looks that would work perfectly for crisp Fall work days or chilly gala nights.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Emerson FW14 Recap

emerson fw14

Doc Martin combat boots stomped on to the brightly lit stage in tune to the loud upbeat music as the Emerson FW14 show began on February 7th in Lincoln Center. The theme of the show was "Break the Mold" and even featured a model wearing the slogan on a shirt. Designer Jackie Fraser-Swan’s Emerson collection portrays the perfect combination of rock meets romance that is her brand’s signature, this season adding in a hint of contrasting darkness mixed with soft blush pastels. As Jackie explains, “For Fall/Winter 2014, I was inspired by strong women who are breaking the mold; shattering the idea that women are supposed to dress or act a certain way.

emerson fw14

I loved the feel of the overall show and how she combined femininity with "rocker edge", a look I've always been a fan of. The collection featured lots of leather, geometric prints, and sparkly sequence; in a color palette of navy, black, white, purple, and pale pink. Jackie choose to pair her designs with Oxford style flats and classic Doc Martin boots done in fun updated styles like quilted leather.

emerson fw14

emerson fw14

emerson fw14

emerson fw14