Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Grammys Fashion Report


This year's Grammys caused quite a buzz on social media last night and the office water cooler this morning. Per usual there were some hits, misses, and stand out moments (all things Beyonce related). And while I didn't actually watch the show, I went to an impromptu pre Grammys viewing party at a friends house to catch all the pre Grammy fashion action. Below are a few of my favs, see if you can guess the trend they all have in common ;)


1. Rita Ora: what she's actually famous for...I have no idea, but she's definitely a stand out in my mind for her unique sense of style and last night did not disappoint.


2. Taylor Swift: is usually someone I have no comment on but last night she definitely wore that dress. Taylor looked so great last night she basically told every exe she ever wrote a song about to eat their heart out.


3. Ciara: is someone that I'm not usually a fan of but last night everyone had to acknowledge how stunning she looked in her gold shimmery gown accented perfectly with her adorable baby bump.

While there were quite a few gowns and outfits off the beaten path (Pharrell's yogi bear hat for one), there was definitely a gold shimmery theme that many celebrities seemed to be following. In addition to my favs above, other celebs all shimmered down the red carpet in gold numbers.

Comment below and share your favorites from last night !

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