Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to highlight and contour your face (Tutorial)

Checkout the video above of me demonstrating how to highlight and contour then read my detailed instructions below!

Products Used:

-Maybelline fit me BB Cream in Dark
-Make up Forever Full Coverage
Concealer Shade 18
-Lisi powder blush in "Maldives"
-Sleek Contour kit in Dark
-Revlon Liquid Eyeliner
-Mac "Suspicion" eyeshadow (applied to crease only)
-Mac lipstick "RiRi Woo"


Start off with a clean face, apply bb cream or foundation all over the face. I like to use a flat kabuki or dome shaped powder brush.

Next take a small amount of liquid concealer and apply under the eye and all over the eyelid with a fluffy tapered blending brush.

From here, apply the eyeliner of your choosing to the top and lower lashline.

Then get a powder brush and apply blush to the hollows of the cheek (feel free to make a fishy face if it helps).

Using a large fluffy face/powder blush to lightly apply your highlighter color directly above your blush. It's better to start off light and go back to add more if necessary. Once finished, take the excess left on the brush and highlight down the bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, and chin.

Next take your contour color and a tapered face brush or blush brush and lightly apply your contour directly under your blush, carefully following the hollow of your check bones. Once done with both sides, take the excess on the brush and carefully contour the sides of your nose starting from right below the eyebrow to the tip.

From here take an eyeshadow blending brush and apply the dark contour eyeshadow only to the crease of your eyelid. This helps to make the eyes appear larger in a natural and subtle way. Apply mascara to the top and lower lashline once done.

*For a more defined nose contour, take a small fluffy blending brush and apply your contour color to the sides of your nose. Follow up by applying your highlight color to the bridge of your nose again with another small tapered brush.

Apply the bold lipstick of your choosing to add some color (and sass) to the very subtle and natural looking overall face.

And there you have it, a natural looking contour perfect for everyday! Comment below and let me know if you contour certain areas of your face?

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