Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Hair Tutorial

Christmas season is usually a time to gather with family and friends you haven't seen in a while and celebrate the season. With all the traveling going on there is a lot of pressure to look you're best. Since Christmas is only a few days away, I've already been working on figuring out the perfect outfit and hairstyle ahead of time. After looking up hair inspiration on Pinterest last week, I decided to do a "test drive" this past weekend. Using the Pantene Pro V hair BB cream, I did ten two strand flat twist going directly back on already stretched hair. I let the twist set in over night and In the morning untwisted the hair. At this time I had a very defined curly fro which could work as a cute style on its own if you want to wear your hair down. In order to get the curly updo look, I took one inch sections in the back and pinned them up going towards the crown of my head. I let the right side hang down, creating an asymmetric curly updo.

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  1. I always plan my Christmas outfit beforehand, but always still end up changing into an outfit I got as a Christmas present!

    This year me and my sister both got dresses and ended up swapping as we liked each others more!

    As for hair I also did a twist-out but as I always have my hair up I left it down instead :) (and then blogged the result as it was my first 'proper' twist out and it turned out well!) I like what you did with yours though - will have to try it some time!

    - Shanara x

  2. Hope you had a good Christmas!! Definitely going to check out your twist out on your blog :)