Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tee Shirt Time

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It's summer time, and that can only mean one thing...
Any one who knows me, knows that I rarely ever wear t-shirts. Aside from my college paraphernalia shirts, I'm much more of a dress, blouse, or even tank top type of girl. I think that subconsciously I have stopped my self from wearing t-shirt because I feel that they make me look even younger than I already look. (I can't tell you how often people mistake me for a high schooler, even when I'm wearing a suit!!) Despite this, lately I've been noticing adorable shirts with sayings or pictures that I just can't stop staring at. Maybe it's a half hearted attempt to hold on to the carefree days of school, what ever the case I've thrown out my old rule book and decided that it's finally tee shirt time!!

Comment below and let me know if you still like to rock t-shirts and if you still watch Jersey Shore. 



  1. I wear t-shirts waaaay to often because I go to the gym in them and tend to just stay in them! I need to get out of that habit. :) I LOVE the live for today, dream for tomorrow one, though!

  2. Hey, stopping by from Framed Frosting's Link up! I love your t's and I posted the cross one too. Great taste!;)

  3. I wear tshirts pretty much exclusively! haha. I subscribe to StyleMint, so its mostly their tees, which are mainly plain. Its always a challenge for me to wear graphic tees for some reason, though I always love looking at them. =p

  4. I really want that tiger tank! Thanks for linking up!!

    Rachel (co-host)

  5. Great! Now I am gonna be saying "it's teeeeeeee shiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrt tiiiiiiiiiime" all day! LOL

    New follower and loving this post and your blog!


  6. I am loving that pink t-shirt! I am kind of the same as you...never really a t-shirt kind of girl but I like cutesy ones. I have never watched Jersey Shore...


  7. These are way fabulous!! I want one to wear this weekend :)

    xo Shane

  8. I can't pick which one I like more.
    So I need them all I guess.

  9. I read the post title in Pauly D voice before even scrolling down to see that it was in fact what you were I was such a t-shirt girl in college that I've banned myself from wearing them now, with an exception of the gym. I really like the pink one and the "Love In Different Colors". Great post!

  10. I love that cross t-shirt and the green dreaming one...
    Angie @ Swede Dreams

  11. Thanks Angie!!