Monday, June 4, 2012

Fringe Benefits

So now that Coachella is over, what are you going to do with all of those headbands, cut off shorts, and fringe accessories you purchased for the big event? Well the first thing your going to do is burn the headbands, it's better this me on this ;). Luckily your shorts and fringed-out apparel can still be rocked in your everyday non "hipster meets hippy meets disgruntled youth life" lol. 

For inspiration on strutting your self like a boss in high rise shorts, click here or here! (It's safe to say they are an addiction of mine...but hey, first step is admittance right?

As far as the fringe goes, this might take a little more finesse... check out the rest of the post to see how I break this trend down !

Look One: Fringed Bags

So you decided to tip toe your foot into the water before jumping in, (well played young grasshopper, well played). You opted to purchase an adorable fringed purse or maybe even a stylish backpack, and if it's in a neutral color even better! 

Look Two: Fringed Shirts

We saw this trend reemerge last spring, and its back again! This is great for those of us who love the midriff look, but may or may not have a totally flat mid-section like we promised in the blood oath to ourselves in our New Year resolutions. (My "Insanity Workout DVD has a layer of dust collecting on it as we speak). I love this because it allows you to show a little skin and still feel sexy; without showing too much and feeling self-conscious.

Look Three: Fringed Vests

Someone is undoubtedly thinking that Look Three could have easily been combined with Look Two...and that someone is's ok, I'm sure that someone wasn't you. The fringe vest is deceiving because it seems like since it's an accessory it can easily be tossed on with little to no second thought. In reality the fringe vest is the "full mounty," it's the one out of the three looks that if not played right can totally look like your auditioning for a role in "WoodStock the Movie" or even worse, like you're having a "Legally Blonde Moment" and showed up to a regular event wearing a costume.

Fringe benefits

Now that I've shared my tips on rocking the fringe look, comment below and let me know your tips for pulling this look off!



  1. Great post! I remember the fringe look was big when I was in middle school(~2001-2003), and I had a brown fringe purse like the one in the first picture, and a long tan leather fringe vest and pasts. It's a pretty cool look, and it's interesting to see it coming back, but my fashion tastes have changed way too dramatically to try to incorporate my old fringe items back into my wardrobe (I actually just got rid of the last of my fringe-wear during my spring cleaning)!

  2. Thanks Champagne Star, I'm glad you like the post! Hopefully someone will come across your fringe wear pieces and be able to create an outfit with it :)

  3. I tried fringe once in the fall and it was a big hit. I'm def. going to try this in the summer. Great picks..I love Nasty Gal.

  4. Can't wait to see how you style it on your blog!! Thanks for reading Ashley.

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