Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boutique Interview: Scentz & Scentzibilities

Recently a friend introduced me to a unique fragrance and body care boutique operating out of Toronto, Canada called "Scentz & Scentzibilities."

I was so impressed with their product offering and green company philosophy, that I reached out to the owner who was gracious enough to allow me to do a feature on her and the boutique.

If that wasn't already great enough, she also agreed to sponsor a giveaway for one of my lucky readers (look out for more information on that coming this week!)

1.     What inspired you to open this boutique? What’s the story of how this all started?

Having been introduced to perfume oils I fell in love with the whole business - from design of the scent to packaging, marketing and distribution. I particularly loved the concept of designing bespoke fragrances for individuals and the "Scentz Bar" was born.

2.     How do you decide on what scents to carry and from where do you source your assortment? Do you manufacturer your own fragrances?

We source our blends from France and Dubai and then combine them in-house to produce our own line of fragrances. Our blends are based on the popular scents that North Americans love. What is popular in our culture differs from other cultures so it is important to choose blends that appeal to North Americans. Our bases are already blended with the proper top, middle and heart notes. We then take our blends and create our Signature line of fragrances. Currently we have 5 women and 3 men Signature scents along with a complete line of bath and body products available in each scent. However we have 11 blends that we use to create unique fragrances.

3.     What set’s your boutique apart from other boutiques in the area/city as well as your competitors internationally?
 Our company is unique in many ways. One element that sets our company apart is our commitment to the empowerment of the individual. Toward that end we seek charities to support that empower the individual. We also put on charity Scentz Bars where 30% of all proceed go to the Charity. A fun and unique way of raising money for valued causes.
From a product perspective we have a truly green and healthy fragrance. We use 100% perfume oil for our fragrances, this means that you get a full-bodied and longer lasting fragrance that you don't have to reapply throughout the day! In addition, all of our fragrances are 100% alcohol free. As the alcohol is non existent, many of the negative health issues that sometimes prevents people from being able to use perfume (such as headaches, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes) does not occur with our fragrances. This means that most people who cannot wear perfumes can wear our fragrances. In fact we have had many customers who have not been able to wear perfumes for years be able to wear ours. Another benefit is that the fragrance becomes part of you and people love the way you smell as oppose to having the fragrance wear you.

The ability to have a custom "Bespoke fragrance" designed for you is another element that sets us apart from our competition.
In addition every Bespoke fragrance that we design can be infused into our full line of bath &body products! Making it the perfect way to have a signature scent that is unforgettable. 

Scentz also has an amazing subscription program where you can sign up to have a fragrance delivered to you every month or quarter. It's the perfect way to treat yourself or a loved!

4.     Which of this season’s scents are you especially excited about carrying in your store?

For women we are really excited about are best sellers which are "Pure Intrigue" and "Flirt". Pure Intrigue is a Floral Oriental infused with edible notes. Flirt, is a Fresh Floral, crisp and clean. We are also super excited to have just introduced our newest fragrance for the season: "Kai". It combines elements from both our best sellers in order to create a unique Fresh Floral Oriental with hints of edible notes. So far Kai has been received with rave reviews by our clients!

For men, we are excited to once again be offering "Bold" which is an alluring fragrance with Fresh woodsy oriental notes. Great for the summer or anytime!

5.     Describe your personal style, how is your style reflected in the scents you carry and your boutique?

My personal style is "simple elegance" with a hint of edginess. My favorite designers are Ralph Lauren's eclectic Chic line, Chanel, Diane VOn Furstenberg, Tori Burch and J Crew. Our Pure Intrigue is definitely reflective of Diane Von Furstenberg while our newest scent Kai is reflective of Ralph Lauren's eclectic chic. I believe our fragrances not only reflect my personal style but the style of the women that are unique, fashionable, and forward thinking. The platform of our company is empowerment and the power of being uniquely you.God created us as individuals and our fragrances reflect that individuality.

Our company is seen as being truly reflective beautifully integrated in the environment that exists in Toronto. Our product appeals to the 18 to 35 year old women who is uniquely themselves. They are fun, socially responsible, forward thinking and fashionable with a hint of edginess. They see their ethnicity as a sense of pride as they see their personal family. Their peers are from a diverse background as they are confident with who they are as an individual and embrace the differences and sameness of all people.

I'm guessing you are now also in love with this company just like me! If you want more information (or can't wait to try these products out for yourself) check out their website or feel free to reach out to boutique owner Antoinette by emailing her.

Do you have a signature scent for summer?

Comment below and let me know what you think of this company, also which of their products would you like to see me do a giveaway of?

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  1. sounds yummy!!!

    thanks for linking up...


  2. Wow, this company sounds great! I especially like that their fragrances don't contain alcohol. One reason I don't wear fragrance of any kind is that I'm severely allergic to them and get such bad headaches just from the smell. Maybe I will try some of this company's fragrances to see if not having the alcohol really does stop my allergic reactions!

  3. I love their fragrances! My favorite is Pure Intrigue.