Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekly Wardrobe Inspiration: Envelope Clutch

"Stop trying to make clutch happen!" is a running joke between one of my best friend's and me. As most of you are probably aware, it's a play on one of the lines from the movie Mean Girls. A while back, a guy I was interested in told me that I was "so clutch." I didn't know what the word meant but from context clues I could gather that it was a compliment. Since I am well aware that I am not properly verse in the acronyms, slang, euphemisms, and youthanisms of my generation, I decided to play along like I knew what it meant while simultaneously texting several people in my phone to find out the word's meaning. Eventually I found out that it is a word derived out of sports terminology and basically means to "come through and save the day at the last minute" or "to perform well under pressure."
So Clutch

Since gaining this new addition to my vocab list, I've tried to casually drop it into conversation when ever mildly fitting. To my delight most of my friends are just as unaware as I am and often give me a blank stare after I drop the "C bomb." I then explain to them the meaning and origin in my most scholarly voice, followed by most of them openly laughing out loud and shutting my attempt at slang down ala mean girls style. Over time when ever I or someone else happens to say the word it's turned into an inside joke, and one of us will lovingly joke "stop trying to make clutch happen".

All jokes aside, clutches are the perfect accessory, especially for spring! Clutches work great with dresses as a simple easy to take along hand bag or with jeans to dress up a more casual outfit. Clutches are especially useful when in high volume areas such as a city, or night time event because it's a lot easier to maneuver with a lighter piece, as oppose to a big heavy shoulder bag.

I'm in love with all seven of the clutches I picked out, and can't wait to order some! Comment below and let me know which number is your favorite pick! Also let me know if you have heard the word "clutch" used or if you use it yourself!

PS. If you want me to do a DIY post on how to make your own perfectly posh and one of a kind envelope clutch let me know !!



  1. Looovvveeee clutch bags so much!I particulary like number 7 here! I featured two clutch bags in one of my posts recently, check it out and see if you like them!

  2. Thanks for commenting Kylie, love your blog as well (especially your most recent post)!!

  3. Found you through the blog hop, love your blog! Newest follower!:) Those clutches are amazing!! Wish I had all of them haha!

  4. i love all these bags.. specially minty green clutch and metal bar clutch.. are these available in smaal size..? i mean long but short breadth wise..or you can say sharp rectangular shape..

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