Sunday, May 27, 2012

In my Yoga Zone


Ever since I first heard of yoga back in 5th grade, I've been in love. A guest teacher came to our school to demonstrate a few simple positions and I was enthralled (please hold all questions pertaining to my "nerdiness" in elementary school or the super contempo-casual suburbia I must have grown up in) .


I loved the fluidity of the movements and the ease in which the teacher transitioned from one into the next. So naturally, being a true nerd ... I went to the library (thank God for Google) and checked out as many books on yoga as I could find. After having a few mishaps while trying to self-teach myself ( you do not want to make mistakes while doing yoga by yourself... imagine having your ankles stuck behind your head... scary stuff!)  Luckily, to my surprise,
one day I was watching TV and I came across a TV show called Yogazone (cue the falling in love montage). And naturally, since my sisters did not have the soul of a middle age lady, everyday we would have a fight to the death for the remote. I wasn't as zen then as I am now. :)


Recently I've had more time on my hands as college started to come to an end. I started attending yoga classes at my school the past few months and I can't tell you how relaxed and rejuvenated I feel afterward.This was my first time actually practicing with other people in a class setting, and it was a wonderful experience. I plan on treating myself to enrolling in yoga classes after I move to New York to continue getting my weekly detox. So in the spirit of Spring and being healthy, I wanted to write this post and share some of my favorite yoga positions. And of course, it wouldn't be me if I didn't also leave you with a yoga workout style pick ;)

Yoga Workout Wear

Puma yoga activewear
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Comment below and let me know if yoga is something that you've tried before or if you plan to try it in the future! Also if you live or have lived in New York and know a good yoga class/instructor, let me know!

urbanyogagirl:  Yoga poses
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  1. I adore Yoga! And do it three times a week. Keeps me fit, toned and healthy!

    Sharleena xx

  2. I have tried yoga and I absolutely admire those who do it regularly. Their posture is just so nice. However, I'm not flexible at all and had a hard time. Went back to cardio after that. Would love to try it again some time.

    Just found your blog through blog-hop, following you :)

    hope you can check out my blog some time too,

  3. H,i the few times I tried Yoga it was very relaxing for me. I would continue if I could just find the time. I am following you from Monday Hop and hope you can check my blog at Have a relaxing week.

  4. I love yoga! The apparel you posted is so cool! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    PS. Check out my blog when ever you have time!
    Style-Delights Blog

  5. Thanks for sharing Sharleena, I wish I was as dedicated as you! I hope to practice as often as you one day!

  6. Thanks for commenting Svetlana!

  7. Thanks for commenting! I wish I was able to do cardio! It's way to much strenuous activity for me, but I heard the pay off is worth it!

  8. Thanks Jillian, you and me both! I'm trying to make it a priority and make time for it in the future, I think the benefits are well worth it :)

  9. Thanks Style Delight! I checked out your blog and I love it, I'm now following