Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Current Crush: Denim Backpack

Maybe it's an ode to the fact that yesterday was officially my LAST DAY of college or the over all nostalgia from when I use to have a book bag purse when I was little (don't judge me it was the 90's) either way I've currently been crushing on these cute denim backpacks. I've noticed backpacks of the denim variety popping up at a number of my favorite stomping grounds. Although backpacks are far from a novelty, I love how they are made fresh and new again by incorporating the denim trend.

Although May is the time when most people are preparing to burn  put away their book bags for the summer, if you're looking for a cute way to lug around your stuff while backpacking through Europe, or if you're taking summer classes to get ahead, consider getting a fun, functional, denim book bag this summer. Check out  the rest of the post to see my favorite picks.
Backpack Backpack

Paisley Denim Backpack
$108 -

Vans knapsack bag
$38 -

Deena Ozzy back pack bag
$42 -

Knapsack bag
$64 -

Knapsack bag
$68 -

Sabrina Tach metallic bag
$165 -

$340 -

Sandqvist x Denim Demon Denim Backpack
£129 -

Eastpak Padded Pak'r Backpack
£43 -



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  2. Some great bags! I think that the 'Deena Ozzy back pack bag' is my fave! :)


  3. Thank you so much for reading! Although I really don’t need a bookbag I’m so tempted to get one myself..maybe if everything works out and I acutually do end up back packing in Europe this summer, it will come in handy lol. Checking out your blog now !!