Monday, May 7, 2012

Wear?: Graduation

This time next week I'll officially be an Emory University graduate!! It's still so surreal to me. Even though I purchased my cap and gown a few months ago, I still have not gone dress shopping for something to wear to all the graduation events/parties. Below is a little style guide I put together to take with me dress shopping this week.  Let me know which theme is your favorite and which look you think I should wear under my cap and gown during graduation! :)
Graduation look 1

gradulation look2
graduation look3

A line dress
$85 -

Sheer dress
$98 -

Chiffon cocktail dress
$122 -

Lace evening dress
$178 -

Sugar Cookies dress
$75 -

Fresh Water Twirl Dress
$53 -

Flower dress
$185 -

Pleated dress
$90 -

Strapless dress
$53 -



  1. I think you should probably stick to whites for under your gown.
    The second dress in Look 3 is gorgeous <3


  2. I wore a basic dress under my gown since no one saw it anyway and then a really pretty one for all of the festivities. I like the dresses in look 3 the most.

  3. I adore the first lacey number from modcloth!

  4. you might be right! And yes, I agree, I adore that dress. I might order it just to have :)

  5. That's a good point. I wore a basic dress under my gown in high school, I need to make sure that if I wear a nice dress, I take off the gown and take pictures in it ;)

  6. Glad you like it :) I love so many of these dresses, I think I'm going to treat myself to a few as an early graduation gift lol

  7. Congrats for graduating!! I love ALL of them but my favourite is the pink lacy one (second on the top row) as it's not so busy! Good luck, enjoy it! :D xxxxxxx

  8. Congrats on completing your degree! Such pretty dresses, I think you'll look gorgeous in any of them. I really like the third white one though :)

  9. Thank you so much :D!! Yea that one is adorable, I can see myself wearing that throughout the summer actually!

  10. Awww thanks :)!! Yea, the great thing about that dress is it seems really elegant, which is nice for such a special occasion.