Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Okay so I know many of you probably took one look at the title of this post and automatically did a side eye stare at your computer thinking to yourself that spring is almost on its way out, you're a little late with this how to Francy! And you of course are right. However for many of my fellow newly minted college alumni, college students, are just plan busy adults… we have yet to get around to this yearly ritual whether it be due to recently moving or warm weather having commitment issues in our local area. Whatever the case, its never too late to purge your wardrobe and make room for some new yummy pieces.

Tip 1: Start by creating categories (if your super OCD about your wardrobe like I am, feel free to type up these categories and create labels for each pile). The ones I’m using are: 

• “Goodwill”- These are clothes such as old shoes, plan shirts and jeans that either don’t fit, or have not been worn in the last few years and I have no personal attachment to or strong desire to wear in the future if this item comes back into style. (That was a mouth full I know, but skip ahead to Tip 3 to see why) 
• “Trash”- These are items that I don’t feel are fit to be donated however I do not plan on wearing in the future. Examples: Severely ripped up shirts or pants, old underwear (because I feel like that is just weird to donate!), sewing projects gone terribly wrong, etc, etc. 
• “Storage”- These are items that you still wear however are not weather appropriate for the warmer weather approaching. Rather than have them clouding up your “springy” palette, store them away somewhere out of sight.
Tip 2: Next, make sure you have storage containers appropriate for keeping your clothes safe and sound, while they are tucked away. Some examples of storage containers are here, here, and here.

Source: Dresslikeyuliya.com

Tip 3: “What goes around ALWAYS comes back around. In my twenty something years on Earth this is one of the things I have found to be true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten ride of something only to wish a few years or even seasons later that I still had it! If its something you love and still fit, hold on to it, even if it is out of style right now (trust me on this :-) ) 

Comment below and let me know if you spring clean your wardrobe every year and any additional tips I might have missed!!!



  1. Brilliant post :). I'm still in urgent need of a belated spring clean!

  2. Thank you Lucy! I'm currently in the process of spring cleaning my wardrobe as well!!

  3. Great tips! I just did my super late spring cleaning over the Memorial Day weekend, and I used a similar sorting system (no labels though :)). When I live in Georgia (actually, quite close to the ATL!!), I would always donate my old, but still really nice clothes, except for under, which I also think is weird to donate but see it in Goodwill stores all the time. However, I'm in Philadelphia now, and strangely, there aren't that many places to donate clothes, so I just left in the lobby area of our apartment so people could take whatever they wanted. Anywho, cleaning and getting rid of stuff really does make you feel physically, and emotionally, better!

  4. Thank you so much for the comment! I think that is a really great idea to allow the other people in your apartment to be able to take what they want! And I agree about getting rid of stuff making you feel physically and emotionally better, I think there is something about letting go of stuff that makes you just feel lighter :) Glad you took this past weekend to do just that!!

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