Monday, April 16, 2012

What's Trending Now? : Waving Flag


It's hard to ignore the sudden surge of patriotism in fashion. Flags are popping up every where, from the street to the stage, people have been spotted "representing" for their country of choice. 



Most notably the American flag has been an object of affection for many proud to be Americans and nonAmericans alike (one of my favorite fashion bloggers showing how it's done right.)



Seeing these images I can't help but want to break out in my own rendition of "God Bless the USA" remixed with  K'Naan "Waving Flag."
Source: scouillard1

Check out the rest of the post to see how you can get your star spangled banner on. Just don't be alarmed if people start to "salute your shorts."

Proud to be an American

Wildfox Couture cropped sweater
$249 -

Scotch Soda striped t shirt
€40 -

Tommy Hilfiger printed shirt
£35 -

Cotton shirt
$24 -

Heart t shirt
£18 -

Cream t shirt
£12 -

Denim jacket
€112 -

$68 -

Denim shorts
$68 -

Vans LPE CA Red,White,Blue
$65 -

Hope this post inspired you to feel free to let the fourth of July come early this year. Comment below if you would like to see a DIY post on flag inspired clothes!



***About What's Trending: 
"That's Trending" is a term that I use that came from an inside joke between my friends and I. As it has evolved over time, my friend's have started to come to me to ask "What's trending?" On Fancy-Francy "What's Trending Now?" is an area where I highlight what's currently on trend or a current "obsession" of mine.


  1. love the post and blog! I'm following back :)

    Have a nice day! Emma x

  2. DEFINITELY saw this a lot during my trip to London a month ago, and ironically they were all American flags...interesting...

  3. Yeah right now American flags seem to be the biggest!