Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to: Steal Nicole Richie's Recent Look

I've never found a pair of leather pants that where affordable and fit me well. On many occasions I tried to squeeze into a pair in my price range (to no avail) or found myself swimming and looking frumpy in a pair that were ill fitting. To sooth my pain, I've told myself countless times that I feel amazing in my leather leggings and wouldn't want a pair of constricting leather pants. This dialogue has worked up until now... After seeing this recent look of Nicole Richie two things came to mind:
1. Nicole looks like a well tailored bad ass in this leather ensemble.   
2. I need a pair of leather pants NOW (even though it is far too hot in the south to wear them anytime soon,  it doesn't change the sense of urgency).

Nicole Richie

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Although Nicole might best be known for her "simple life"... her style is anything but. Nicole was recently spotted out and about promoting her new show "Fashion Star." She kept it smart, simple, and sassy in a black on black leather outfit.
Nicole Richie Style Steal

Check out the rest of the post to see the details on this look I recreated and where you can purchase each item!

H&M Pleather pants
$40 -

Jane Norman pumps
$56 -

Betsey Johnson bracelet
$35 -

LORD & TAYLOR earrings
$30 -

Vince Camuto ring
$48 -

LowLuv ring
$81 -

$24 -

Yves Saint Laurent mascara
$30 -


NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
$24 -



  1. What a gorgeous outfit. She looks kick-ass!

    Sharleena xx

  2. I know right!! Totally inspiring outfit. I love the all leather look. Thanks for reading :)

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