Monday, April 2, 2012

The Quest for Higher Ground


I've been mildly obsessed with finding high rise shorts. Of course by "mildly" I mean constantly berating the sales associates at all my usual fashion stomping grounds; questioning if they have any in the store and would they ever get any, and if not where can I get some????

Since the summer of 2011, I've been on a quest. Maybe it was the energy of being in NYC,  or some carefully chosen shorts Rihanna's stylist put her in that I happen to see a picture of, but somehow I woke up one morning needing them in my life. It was impossible to find the kind I'm referring to. Please note I am not talking about those high waisted shorts that were popular like four years ago, you know the ones with extra buttons on each side and extra fabric that makes it extremely obvious that your shorts are "high waisted", to the point where it looked like the seamstress forgot she was making higher waisted shorts and had to go back and add the fabric to the top. Yea, definitely not those.


High rise shorts/jeans are basically "mom jean style on crack," in other words they come up higher, but its not like super obvious in an annoying way. Try to think back to the days of "too super low" when jeans came up to  your hips instead of barely over your bum...but they are the most incredibly sexy thing you can wear. Like I'm not kidding. They come up to where they hide that ridiculous set of lower abs that never seems to tone up and shows off the slimmer higher area of your torso. So you're basically gonna feel like a sexy bad ass whenever you wear them. So you say you had no idea such magical summer time shorts existed??? Yea I know... your welcome :).

Check out my picks to help you get started on your quest! Oh and for those of you who are fancy on a budget like me, look out for my high rise shorts DIY tutorial coming up!

High Rise Shorts

Rag & bone cuffed shorts
£51 -

D&G highwaisted shorts
£56 -

Cutoff shorts
$100 -

Cutoff shorts
$98 -

Mink pink shorts
$82 -

Blank Denim studded shorts
$78 -

Leopard print shorts
$38 -




  1. This is so true! I find that when wearing high waisted things paired with a mid drift shirt I feel very "edgy bohemian". I like to do this with high waisted long skirts and crop tops for a "hippie" look ^_^V

  2. oohh I haven't tried the high waisted long skirts with a mid drift yet, thanks for the outfit inspiration!!

  3. Thank you so much! I tried this and it worked out well! I actually think they look better than the high-waisted shorts one would find in stores! Thanks again ;)

  4. Yay!! I'm soo happy this worked out for you!! I basically live in the pairs I made and I'm tempted to make a few more.