Friday, April 13, 2012

How to: Color Blocking

color block

"Color blocking." When I hear the word “color blocking” it conjures up memories of preschool and the wooden blocks that we used to build with, play with, and occasionally get hit with when there was a scuffle between two kids (and by occasional scuffle I am of course referring to me, in the one and only fight I've ever been in with a non-sibling. I ended up throwing a block at a kid and getting put in timeout for the rest of the day). It's such a fashion buzz word right now, but what exactly is it?...Is it a fancy way of saying throwing on a bunch of solid colors that don't necessarily match?... the possible silly questions are endless however; it's actually pretty simple. It's basically just picking two to three colors (at most) to function as your main color blocks, and then pairing neutrals with it. Color blocking can either be done by pairing complementary solid color pieces together, or it can done for you by purchasing an item that is already color blocked. (The skirt below is an example of the latter.)


Still confused? Don't worry; you know I'd never leave you with out some useful examples. Check out the rest of the post to see two examples of color blocking outfits.

Color blocking

$130 -

Mid rise jeans
$215 -

Brian Atwood platform sandals
$1,665 -

Vince camuto handbag
$325 -

Tory burch jewelry
$145 -

Michael Kors logo watch
$250 -

Stackable ring
$99 -

Pink shawl



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