Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trending Now: Wedge Sneakers

What's Trending Now: Wedge Sneakers

Whether you hate em, love em, or haven't yet decided, wedge sneakers are everywhere right now, especially in NYC. Lately it seems I can't go a block without coming across another girl rocking her wedge trainers.

Personally, I didn't like this trend when I first noticed it awhile back and was surprise to see that it actually caught on. Now that I've been thoroughly inundated with the trend and seen countless variations, it's actually grown on me. I'm not sure if I've genuinely started to like the trend or if I've just gotten really use to it (kinda like when the radio plays a song you hate a million times a day to the point where you actually catch yourself singing along).

I think the key to rocking this look is knowing how to make it your own. Comment below and let me know what you think of the wedge sneaker, do you plan to try this trend?

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Comment below and let me know if you plan to try this trend this season!



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  1. I love the trend! Well, I used too. LOL. I like to see different takes on it, like the See by Chloe version. I actually love that shoe. The color combo is awesome and I swear I was just admiring them on Blonde Salad not even seconds ago.

    That being said, I totally own some knockoff Marants and can count the number of times I've worn them. Blogged about it ---> http://bit.ly/QgYeni

  2. I personally love it. I've loved it for years since seeing it in Japanese fashion magazines. I've also been selling sneaker wedges in my online store for quite awhile too and I'm so happy that it's caught on here. It's comfy and still elongates the leg, it can be dressed up or down...what's not to like.

  3. I've come to love the trend, but I think it's more because I've seen a million people with the shoes. I sort of want a pair of my own, but I have a feeling they'll be out of style by next season and I'll never wear them again.haha.

  4. Totally agree with you Ashley!

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