Monday, September 24, 2012

Out and About: Yuna Yang Q&A at the Mandarin Hotel

Now that the madness of Fashion Week is over, and I've had time to settle back into my regularly scheduled life, I would like to introduce an addition to the Fancy Francy team!!! In an effort to have more content I have been trying to "beef up" the behind the scenes Fancy Francy team and now I am excited to announce my first regularly reoccurring guest writer, Anne!! Anne is my sister and by default my in-house "photog". In addition to taking pictures for Fancy Francy she is also a talented writer and will be a contributing editor on Fancy Francy. During fashion week Anne attended a number of events I was unable to attend and got to get up close and personal with a number of designers, including Yuna Yang. She's excited to finally have a chance to give you all a rundown and details on a few events! First up, the Yuna Yang Q&A at the Mandarin Hotel!



So how often do you get a chance to talk to an actual fashion designer who is showing at New York Fashion Week, in a posh environment with other fashion loving attendees? If you're me then never, so needless to say I was beyond excited when Francy asked me to go in her place. As I said, the venue was very nice! The Mandarin Hotel in conjunction with HTC did a fabulous job of ensuring a quality environment for this event. They provided snacks and coffee (which was totally needed because I really was having that "2 o'clock feeling" by the time I got there), a place to charge your phone, and just an overall tranquil oasis in the midst of the craziness that was NYFW.

Ok now to the meat and potatoes of this event, I mean snacks and coffee are great but meeting Yuna Yang was awesome! If you don't know Yuna Yang's work, here are few of her pieces that she showed this season. (I'm obsessed with the blue lace dress!)

Photo Source: Audrey Allure

Photo Source: Audrey Allure

The initial interview was conducted by Jenny from Jenny by Design. The beginning of the interview focused on what inspires her work. She said that she is inspired by art in all of its forms; she described the process in which she developed her current collection, which was inspired by music from a rock band called Civil Twilight. She went on to describe how interesting it was to develop tangible art (the pieces for her collection)  from such an intangible artistic form like music.

Additionally, she discussed her background in fine arts. Prior to entering into the fashion world, she received a B.A. in Fine Arts, and upon moving to Milan, she became inspired by the style of the women in the city and shifted her artistic outlet to fashion. I spoke to her briefly after the interview, and she talked at little more about this aspect of her transition. She stated that she loved fashion because it was like creating fine works of art that people could actually live in. Luckily for us, she made the switch to fashion because her pieces are truly works of art!

Comment below and let me know what you think of the Yuna Yang S/S 13 collection?



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