Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion and Technology: Snapette


How often do you see someone wearing an item and you instantly have got to have it? Or worse your shopping in an area like Soho or Williamsburg and know there are a ton of great finds, you just don't know where to find them. Enter Snapette; a mobile phone app that is a curation of user and brand/retailer submitted images of clothing items. Snapette users are able to take a picture of an item they see or purchased and tag where exactly the piece is from, how much it cost, and other helpful tidbits about the item.


This app is great for those of us who like to shop alone but want to share the experience with our friends! Personally I'm really getting into this app and I'm enjoying snapping away at cute items while I'm shopping!

Comment below and let me know if you plan to try out this new app?! Also be sure to follow me Fancy Francy


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  1. Neat! Too bad I don't have an iPhone though (I know, I'm ridiculously cheap)!

  2. I would if I had a phone, lol. I don't even have a regular cell phone. All my friends have the iPhone and I feel so left out. They drive me crazy with those things though, because they are always Facebooking or texting, and it's really sad when they text each other when they are in the same place. I want one though, I really want one, and if I had one I'd definitely want that app! Very very cool!


  3. I know what you mean, people are obsessed with their cell phones ( sadly I'm one of them). You can still check out Snapette online and see what me and other people are snapping :)

  4. Haha that doesn't make you cheap ( although since the 5 just came out the 4 is going to be really discounted). you can still check out Snapette online and see what me and other people are snapping!!!