Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Men's Fall Fashion Trends

What Will the Trendiest Men Be Wearing This Fall? Robert from Style Pilot let's us know the top trends for men in today's guest post.

You and your friends are headed into town for something to eat and a few drinks, and inevitably, fashion makes its way right into the conversation. Once you have discussed your own styles and where you have bought your latest breath-taking accessories and designer dress, you move onto judging observing, the many men who are also at the bar.

The debate quickly heats up around which guys look the most fashionable, so for the sake of settling an argument, we put together this quick look at what you can expect to see stylish men sporting this winter.

Bombing Away

You might think that the guy playing pool over there is wearing a jacket that makes him look like Justin Bieber, however the bomber is a very fashionable trendsetter that is set to become a style staple for men around the world in the latter part of 2012.

If you spot a guy wearing a leather variation, then you can rest assured that he knows his fashion extremely well and is usually always this immaculately turned out.

Heavy Style

During the summer months, light knitwear is an excellent, functional garment that fashionable men everywhere will be sporting. Moving into the winter, however, you should be looking for those who have upgraded their style to meet the harsher, colder weather, and are adorning heavier knits or cable jumpers instead of thin lightweights.

The trendiest men will be wearing something with a rounded, relaxed neck and comfortable style. Colour combinations to look out for are reds, oranges, and browns – the autumnal classics – as well as inspirational tribal prints and simple patterns around the chest and shoulder areas.

Return of the Mac

As well as the bomber jacket, the Mac is back with a vengeance for this winter, and is probably here to stay. True followers of fashion will have chosen a jacket length carefully depending on their height, and may go for a military inspired style. The trendiest men will always go for a belted style, although do not be dismissive of larger guys’ credentials if they have avoided this unflattering accessory.

Where else to finish than arguably the leader of men’s fashion in 2012? While dudes in denim is still going to be a regular sight, the true style icons have upgraded their closet and are targeting chinos instead. Look out for the guys who have changed their colors to go with the season, and lost the brighter, vivid summer colors in favor of darker reds or blues.

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For more advice on men's fashion visit or to read more of Robert's work, visit Style Pilot. Style Pilot is one of the leading UK mens fashion websites that specializes in providing all types of males with advice on clothing.

Comment below and let me know what you hope to see men wearing this Fall!


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  1. I need to forward this post to my boyfriend!!

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  3. Hey Francy! Definitely keep me posted on these fall trends. I love earth tones and fall/winter wear and I need to revamp my wardrobe as the weather begins to cool off! Love the XOXO, makes me think of Gossip Girl! LOL