Monday, July 30, 2012

What's trending now? Handpiece

What's trending now?

We all know that fashion repeats itself... over and over again (don't believe me? Just check out the mile long line of hipsters outside your local thrift store on half priced Mondays.) With that being said, it's rare when I spot a trend that is something I've never seen before (disclaimer: I am not stating that this trend is a new invention, I am only saying that I have personally never seen this prior).

Is it possible that with the recent surge of the arm candy trend has inspired jewelry designers to take it one step further and add a new way to let the rest of the arm join in on the party??

What ever the case may be, I actually like this new trend and plan to invest in a piece myself. So far I have found them online at Nastygal and Freepeople, as well as saw a few in store at Forever21 or HM (can't remember which on it was). Comment below and let me know if you will also be trying out this trend, also let me where (if anywhere else) you have spotted this trend!



  1. I think I'll invest in one myself! :)

  2. These are sooooo freaking cute!!! i want one!

  3. You should!!

  4. I agree !!!

  5. Also check out San Fran-based jewelry company Litter: Litter was featured on Shark Tank and their jewelry is nothing short of amazing...

  6. I love the show Shark Tank, checking out that website now. Thanks!