Monday, July 23, 2012

Victoria Beckham: Style in the news

Victoria Beckham: Style in the news

For the past few days there have been whispers and rumors about a potential "Spice Girl Reunion Performance" and although I have no idea if these rumors are true, a girl can sure hope!! The ironic thing about it is that I just told a few of my friends how much I had the sudden urge to watch the Spice Girls movie a few weeks ago...

whatever the case Victoria Beckham may or may not have implied that my dreams (and the dreams of many other people I'm sure) may be coming true, at least in regards to some sorta of a Spice Girls come back!!

Recently Victoria was spotted out in London meeting with some friends for lunch, she looked chic and stylish as usual wearing a classic pencil skirt and sweater combo. The best part.. this outfit can easily be recreated with pieces in your wardrobe that you probably already own!!

Comment below and let me know if you want to see a Spice Girl reunion take place and what you think of Victoria's outfit!!


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*Image sources: Reiss skirt, $150 / Victoria Beckham image from


  1. The 90's music is really awesome! I still cannot get over The Spice Girls and the boy bands. :)

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  2. Thanks Jen! I will be sure to check out your link up!!