Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Shop at Ikea


It's safe to say that when the employees at a store start to recognize you and comment on you switching up your look ("Hey, no glasses today?") you've officially gone to that store a few too many times. Save yourself the awkwardness (not to mention gas money) and plan ahead so you get everything done in one trip. Keep reading to see my Ikea time saving tips!

1.  Shop Online First

Okay so the first tip might sound a bit like a cop out but hear me out before you write this post off. Ikea has a pretty decent online website that allows you to search for items and then add them to a shopping list which you can also email to yourself and others. Although traveling through the showroom might be "fun" (I use that term loosely) the first time you go, if your a frequent shopper there you want to get in and out. Shopping online first allows you to pick everything out that you need sans the mobs of people and diet ruining scent of food in the air.


2. Bring a partner

Ever heard the expression "three's a crowd?" this couldn't be less true at Ikea. Especially, since Ikea firmly believes in putting its customer at work. Bring a strong friend because those heavy boxes won't lift themselves, literally! The important thing to know is never plan this shopping trip alone unless you are seriously only picking up a few light wait items.

3. Look out for deals!

So this kind of folds into the first point, the whole looking online thing, but you should also realize that your local Ikea will post weekly deals online. Also pay attention if you do happen to venture through the showroom, sometimes they will have special sales listed on display. I lucked out last time I was at Ikea and bought a headboard that originally cost $119 for $10, yes I'm bragging but great sales make me boastful!


4. Fight the urge...

There are two things that drive me crazy at Ikea: 1) the delicious smell of cinnamon buns, and 2) all the freaking couples running around inspired by 500 Days of Summer. So in order to be an Ikea champion, you have to fight the urge to gorge on the delicious cinnamon buns (and for the purpose of this tip "gorge" is defined as eating four or more, anything less is fail game). I swear they store them in the vents. But lastly, to really get your gold star in Ikea shopping,  you have to fight the urge to purposefully trip one of those cute couples as they hop around the different displays. 

So now that you are an Ikea pro, what in the world are you supposed to do with all of that stuff you bought?! Well stay tuned to the second part of this post: How to be an Ikea furniture building goddess!?

Comment below and let me know any ikea shopping trips you've learned along the way!!



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  1. We don't have one where I live but I have gone to one in Dallas a few times. That place is so overwhelming. I have ended up buying things that I didn't even need!


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  2. I know what you mean, happens to me all the time as well!