Monday, July 9, 2012

Bring your boyfriend to work day

Wouldn't it be amazing if such a day actually existed?? Often we inadvertently end up having to introduce our significant other to our coworkers, be it at the office, the company picnic, or even a happy hour event. Although you already have the job, this can seem like an "interview" all over again. Keep reading to find inspiration on how to merge your desire for your boyfriend to impress with his desire to stay comfortable.

Cotton Dress Shirt

Velvet Bow tie (more for style than actual formality)

Navy chino slacks (more casual than dress pants, not as casual as jeans)

Strong Leather Belt
Suede Dress Shoes

It might be a good idea for him to wear this last piece under his shirt for some extra strength if your coworkers are a particularly hard bunch to get a long with! 

Comment below if you have introduced a significant other to coworkers and if he (or you) were nervous about dressing for the day!!


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