Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fancy Foods: Eating Lean

Lean Cuisine Diet

Getting off and keeping off that last ten pounds of vanity weight that stands between me and the crate of "later clothes" under my bed has been the bain of my existence for the past year.

So in an attempt to get lean before the warm weather finally returns, I decided to do something slightly controversial. I remembered back when I was an intern in New York living in a tiny dorm with no kitchen and no money, I lived off a diet of frozen dinners and free food from events. Fast forward to the end of the summer, my already college lean body was 15 pounds lighter and struggling to keep my pants up on my waist.

So what was the secret?

Though I had no desire to lose weight back then, I often ate diet frozen dinners as those were the frozen dinners most frequently on sale. So now, a few years and pounds later, would consciously eating these diet dinners work for me again?

To test it out I decided to spend the next two to three months attempting to substitute one meal a day with a diet frozen dinner such as a lean cuisine or smart ones. In theory, this diet makes perfect sense, since it is basically the premise behind diet plans like nutrisystem and weight watchers that send you prepackaged portions.

As I test out this diet, I will be providing periodic updates on so you can experience with me.

*Please note: I am not a dietician and do not endorse trying this without talking to your doctor first.

Comment below and share your thoughts on this? Have you tried diet frozen dinners? What are your take on them?



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