Monday, March 31, 2014

Beauty Basics: Do’s & Don’ts of Eyebrow Shaping By Face Shape


Eyebrows are like the curtains to the windows of the souls. Though seemingly unimportant, they can actually make or break the overall look of the face. So to start off the beauty basic series, what area could be more fitting to tackle first?

Keep reading to learn the Do’s & Don’ts of Eyebrow Shaping Based on your Face Shape.


If your face shape is round:

DO: Enhance the natural angles in your brow and maximize the peak of your arch.
DON’T: Shape your brow into a rounded arch, it will just follow the shape of your face- making your face look even rounder.

If your face shape is square:

DO: Try an angular brow with a well-defined arch. High archs draw attention up and away from your jar.
DON’T: shape your brows into a soft, round shape. Square faces need strength in order to balance the face.

If your face shape is oval:

DO: Opt for a strong, defined brow to complement the shape of your face.
DON’T: Try a flat, thin brow. (It will make your face appear longer.)

If your face shape is heart:

DO: Shape your brow into a softer arch. (It will soften the point of your chin.)
DON’T: Go with a straight, flat brow. (It will weight your whole face down and make your forehead look even wider.)

The key to great eyebrows is proportion. If you have big features like big eyes, a slightly larger nose, and dark hair coloring you would look best with strong eyebrows to match your features. If you have small eyes, small features then stick with thinner more refined eyebrows to proportionate your face.


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