Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to wear red lipstick


Fall is here and amongst the sultry lip colors that are in style for the season, red lips are definitely the most iconic. A bold red lip is a classic fashion statement, which effortlessly dresses up any look. I myself have recently fallen in love with red lips and consider it to be my signature look. With that being said, I haven't always been a fan of red lips. I like many other women, struggled with "pulling off the look" for years. It wasn't until I did some research (not to mention LOTS of trail and error) that I finally got the hang of the look. Ready to take the plunge?? Here are three tips to help you get it right!

1. Utilize liner. Red lips are meant to be "neat" and "crisp". Few things look worse than a messy red pout. In order to get this look right, line your lips before lipstick application with either a complementary red liner or colorless universal liner (I have this one from Sephora). Once your done with your lipstick application, you can line your lips again if you want an extra defined look.

2. Tune into the Tone. Lipsticks have different color undertones just like people (okay not just like people because that would be weird but you get my point). Depending on your skin tone, skin undertone, eye color and hair; one shade of red lipstick might look better on you than others. For example, reds with blue/violet undertones tend to look better on me than reds with orange undertones. Finding out which color undertone works better for your complexion can make all the difference in your rosy pout pursuit!

3. Less is more. Bold lips are best paired with a neutral eye and face. Since red lips are already an attention grabbing statement, let the lips do the talking (no pun intended) while the rest of the makeup is natural and subtle.

And there you have it! Three steps to the perfect red pout! For more images of me rocking my red lips be sure to check out the fancyfrancyfash Instagram page!

Comment below and let me know if you plan on rocking red lips?! What are your favorite red lipstick?


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