Monday, September 30, 2013

Swoon App Relaunch Party


As the saying goes, in NewYork city one is always looking for either a new job, a new apartment, or a new significant other. While any of these can be challenging to find, a new app called Swoon, promises to help cross one of these items off your list.

And to prove it, recently they invited techies and tastemakers to test drive it at the Gramercy Park Hotel during their relaunch party.

While at the event, I was luckily enough to get a few minutes with Molly and Christy, two of Swoon's executives in attendance at the soirée, to find out how it differs from other dating apps currently available. They explained how unlike other dating apps, Swoon was "invented for woman by woman, and everything is intentional for woman".
They hope that having this woman centric design perspective will help alleviate a lot of the issues that women have with online dating, such as the influx of unwanted messages.

In order to sign up you must use your Facebook account and in the future you will have to be 21 and over. Swoon hopes this will deter people from creating fake accounts, a problem on many other online dating sites. They also hope that by connecting it to your Facebook it will make online dating easier, showing you at the bottom of the screen if the potential match has any friends in common with you. Of course, the app promises to keep all activity private, and off your Facebook page.


Swoon also hopes to bring fun to online dating and designed the app to be like a dating version of "hot or not". To check out your potential matches you wipe right which means yes, or swipe left to say no. Best of all, they have a cool feature that allows you to bring back a photo you said no to by shaking your phone right after, in other words, no buyers remorse, because you can Shake and bring back!

Swoon has been called the "Pandora for dating", because it learns your preferences over time. For example, although you can't set the age preference (yet) it does try and match you to people around your age range and over time learns what age group you prefer.

So if you're single and looking (or soon to be single) and want to check out what fish or swimming nearby in your sea, download Swoon in iOS or android App Store.


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