Friday, September 13, 2013

Francy Answers: How to Transition Your Wardrobe for Fall


Fall has finally, finally arrived, and I for one couldn't be happier. Some time back in July I started daydreaming about the days when I would once again be able to venture out of the house without my face instantly turning into a sweaty mess and the subways feeling like Dante's Inferno.

Now that those gruesomely hot days have past, our closets needs a little time and TLC to get it in gear for the Fall days ahead. Below are a few tips on how to get your wardrobe transitioned into Fall.

1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. If you have a small closet, a lot of clothes, or like me a combination of the two; you may have already started forgetting about some of your Fall and Winter clothes. Dust them out and get them ready to once again assume the prestigious position of hanging inside the closet. While your at it, go ahead and pack away the Spring/Summer clothes to "rest" until next year.

2. Divide and conquer. Now that you have all of your Spring clothes out of the way and you can finally see what actual Fall clothes you have, take inventory of what you have. A good way to start this is by asking yourself the following questions:

What items do I still see myself wearing in the future? If you can't see yourself wearing this item anytime soon then chances are you're not going to wear it anytime soon (shocking theory I know). Do yourself and your closet a favor and get rid or these items, for more on what to to do with this pile check out my post on spring cleaning.

What items, are no longer wearable? Items that are torn, stained, too small, too big, or terribly out of style would go into this group.

3. Shop Your Closet. Before you go out and start shopping around for all those Fall trends, stop and see what items you already own that will be trendy for the season. For example, if you hopped on the skater skirt trend last season, you might already have a cute piece that could work for a second season.


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