Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Adjust to Life After College


Transitioning from one life stage to the next can be tough, in particular the adjustment to life after college. Here are a few tips to make this adjustment easier.

1. Realize Everyone Is Going Through this Transition: Just like you weren't the only one having to adjust to life in college, you aren't the only one adjusting to life after college. Although everyone may take different paths after school, all of them require a transition.

2. Be Patience With Yourself: Give yourself time to get accumulated to your new stage in life. Whether you are starting a new job, moving to a new city, or going back to school. Everything new has a learning curve involved and it takes time to get the hang of things.

3. Embrace Change: The number one thing that will make this transition easier is embracing the change. Trying to hold on to the past will only make you less satisfied and present in your current stage. Instead embrace and even seek change. Whether it’s a cross-country move to a new city, dating a new boyfriend/ girlfriend, or buying a new car; don't be afraid to seek out a change.

Something as simple as buying a new car can help you grow as a person because it requires you to make a change and gives you the opportunity to shape your next stage of life. Right now for example I am thinking of purchasing my first new car. Luckily for me (and everyone else) Kia has a car for every stage of life. I know that I can get a Kia that fits my life now and purchase a new Kia whenever my life outgrows my old one.

Comment below and share your experience going through major life stages!


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  1. Great tips! Basically you can apply those same concepts to any major life change - Great advice is great advice. <3

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