Friday, July 26, 2013

Five Easy Summer Nail Art Designs

Summer Nail Art

Nail art really took off last summer and saw perfectly manicured hands covered in flowers, dots, and animals. As soon as I got my hands on a Model’s Own white nail art pen, I couldn’t stop. Despite some very intricate and detailed designs storming the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, doodling on your nails can actually be easier than you might expect. I’ve tried out numerous designs over the past couple of years including seasonal themes and multicolour rainbows. However, I’ve narrowed down my favourites and they are easy enough to follow even for a nail varnish virgin.

  polka dot

Firstly, the most common; polka dots! To jazz this cute pattern up, why not try different size dots, or use different colour base layers on each nail like I have here. The colours can even be clashing to make the contrast more visible, and neon colours will work really well for nights out, and pastels for beach lazy days.


Another favourite of mine is a novice aztec pattern. Mix up lines, zig-zags and dots to create this effective look. You could even use different colour pens for each pattern to make your nails more colourful!


For a perfectly summery theme, cover your nails in daisies! These are definitely easier than they look. With your pen, make a small circle out of 5 dots (or more, depending on how big you want your flowers to be) and then use a different colour, preferably yellow, for a dot in the center of each flower. And there you have it!

 candy stripes

Paint on some white stripes against pastel colour nails to create a candy look. Make sure you take your time doing these as it’s easy to make the lines wobbly and uneven!


If you’re feeling dreamy, then try painting on some white clouds on blue nails. You can do this by drawing 5 dots quite close to each other and then gradually join them together. If you’re feeling confident, then try out a sun with a yellow varnish to create a sky scene on each nail!


If you don’t have a nail art pen, then I’d recommend either purchasing one, or a good quality white varnish. You can use a thin paintbrush, cocktail sticks, or kirby grips for applicators, and you can even buy ‘dotting tools’ on Amazon and Ebay to create perfectly even dots! When your nail art designs are completely dry, finish them off with a layer of clear polish to seal and add a glossy shine.



This article was written by Sophie of For more by Sophie be sure to check out her blog and follow her on twitter @simplesophie_ .

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  1. love the daisies and the polka dots! Lovely post ♥

  2. So cute! I love polka dots. I think I'll try that Aztec design on dark red polish.