Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Motivation: Stop Starting Over


I'll admit, like most people I've started and stopped a lot of things; some for the better, most out of laziness. Everything from hobbies, to diets, going natural, even a class here or there back in college occasionally got the axe prematurely. Some of these things I later picked back up (everyone loves a good comeback) but some I regrettably never did get back to. Many people are often too embarrassed or prideful to come back to something they left, because it means admitting they were wrong to quit in the first place. I myself often wish I had never given up on some things the first time around when I see others who didn't. So far in my twenty something years of life, I've noticed that I'm typically most proud of the things that I started and didn't quit. Recently while "Instagram browsing" I came across a quote that said
"If you're tired of starting over stop giving up."

It really struck me because at the time I was thinking of taking out a piercing that didn't seem to be healing well. Albeit this was something very trivial, it still convinced me to hang in there with it. Three months later and week two into my healthy eating plan, every time I look at my ear piercing it serves as a reminder to me not to give up on this weight loss challenge either.
Although my example is pretty trivial, this is still a good principal that can be applied to more important areas of your life such as work, marriage, or school. Whatever the case if it was important enough to start, it might be too important to give up on.


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  1. You are so right about not giving up.. Persistency , courage and determination are some of the qualities of great achievers. Thanks for the encouagement

  2. Sound advice, thanks for sharing.

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  4. Great read! I have so struggled with starting over multiple times because my follow through ends way too soon. For example, I am a fairly new blogger (one year) and I have wanted to give up numerous times (especially when I look at my stats ). I just keep in mind that this is a journey and I will achieve my goals! Thanks for the article. Just showing some love from one BLMGirl to another ;)