Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis the Season to Be Glossy {November GlossyBox Review}


I am definitely the definition of a "beauty product junkie". I can spend hours perusing the makeup aisles and probably spend days "getting lost" in beauty supply stores. With that being said I was thrilled when I woke up this past week to find that my first month's GlossyBox had arrived. The theme of the November box was "Tis the Season to be Glossy" which I thought was perfect to kick off the start of the holiday party season. From what I could tell from other G reviews that I read online, there were several versions of this box sent out, all with different fun products to try! Keep reading to see what items I received and my initial thoughts on these products!



Inside My Box:

- Lip and Eye Pencil from Illamasqua LTD

- Gonmage Sensoriel Face scrub from Lierac

- Argan Oil from Nume Style

- Solid Perfume Stick from Perfumies

- Truffle Serum Hydro-Toning Face Serum from Skin&Co Roma

Getting this box seriously made me feel like a kid on Christmas, unlike most packages that I get, I didn't already know the contents of what would be inside so I wanted to savor every minute of the excitement. The first thing I did after opening the brown shipping box and delicately removing the top from the inner pale pink box was take a million pictures of everything before I dove in and messed up the pretty packaging. After the mini photo shoot, I gingerly removed the ribbon bow and read the inserted card with all of the product details. I was immediately excited to try the perfume stick that was included but was slightly disappointed to find that my box contained several skin care products (Truffle Face Serum, Lierac Face scrub) but only one cosmetic item (Illamasqua pencil). I personally don't have much problems with my skin so I try to stick to my already established low maintenance routine (like the saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it!) I did however go ahead and wash my face with the Lierac face scrub and was surprised at how smooth and moisturized my face felt after. I kept touching my face to see how long the smoothness would last and was happy to find that it lasted for quite some time. The product itself was very grainy and gritty to the touch and had a slightly floral scent. I personally really like my face scrubs to be more on the rough side so I enjoyed the texture of this scrub, however if your skin is more sensitive or you don't like scrubs that are stronger exfoliants you might not like this product.

Since my face already felt moisturized and smooth from the face scrub I didn't really want to put any face lotion or moisturizer on top of that; however since it is extremely cold in NYC right now, I figured my face needed that extra layer of protection. I decided to try the Truffle Hydro-Toning Face Serum that was also included in this box. My first initial thoughts on the serum was that it smelled (and felt) a lot like shampoo and I had reread the tube just to make sure it was indeed a face serum. To apply the product I simply squirted a dime size amount into my hand, rubbed my hands together and applied it to my face. After putting it on my face the smell was still apparent, but seemed to become a little more coconut-y. Weirdly, the serum left my hands feeling sticky, but that went away on its own after a few minutes.

From there I decided to try out the Perfumies solid perfume stick. I had heard of perfume sticks before and have been really intrigued by the idea of them ever since. Once I removed the cap, the perfume stick inside resembled slightly melted Chapstick to me. I applied the perfume by rubbing the stick on my pressure points. The consistency felt smooth and soft against my skin and immediately absorbed without leaving behind any greasy film. I think I would try this product again in a different scent (the one I received was a floral-powdery scent and I usually like a "spicier" scent.

The Illamasqua lip and eye pencil was like any typical pencil requiring manual sharpening. I did a color swatch of the color on my hand and was happy to find that it went on smooth and vivid. The color was very pigmented and could possibly work to do a fun "winter-y" inspired eye makeup look. Other than that I don't see myself using it as a lip liner since the color I received was a pale frosty blue.

I decided to save what I felt was the best product I received to open last. If you've been following any of the trends in hair care than I'm sure you've heard about Argan oil and the many benefits it can provide to your hair. I've been meaning to repurchase some for a while now so the NuMe Argan oil was a great surprise. It came in a really cute blue glass vial container! The oil had a good, thick consistency and a very light scent. I definitely intend to incorporate the oil into my standard beauty routine.



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  1. I've heard of these boxes but haven't tried any of them. Sounds like it would make a great gift!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  2. They are! They also have a promo going on right now I believe which allows you to send a box as a gift this season :)

  3. Looks like a great box!!

    xo Ashley

  4. Thanks Ashley, it was pretty good! Let me know if you decide to check out Glossybox