Sunday, December 16, 2012

Must Have Monday

Rare Sequin Collar And Cuffs Shift Dress

Originally I planned on talking about my recent obsession with sequin in general for today's "Must Have Monday" however I stumbled upon this little gem dress decided it was too special to share the spotlight and deserved its own dedicated post. It's called the "Rare Sequin Collar And Cuffs Shift Dress" dress and it's from  I really love this dress because it combines my love for chiffon and sequins and rolls it all into one big happy ball of pretty. I could so see myself rocking this on my birthday or for a fun New Year's party in the city, there's just one problem... the price. The dress cost $127 and although that's not crazy expensive, it's expensive enough that I can't justify to myself spending that amount on a dress I'm probably only going to wear once. I would love to splurge and treat myself to this dress but since I've already "treated" myself several times since payday I think I'm going to just admire this love from afar (but if it goes on sale, all bets are off).

Comment below and let me know what you think of this dress, do you love it, would you spend $127 for it? Don't forget to let me know what's on your must have list this week?!



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  1. I think the dress is super fab! I'm a true cheapskate, so IDK about $127 lol BUT ASOS Always has coupon codes so maybe you coud find one and help justify the splurge??!!!

  2. Such a gorgeous dress! I want it!!

    xo Ashley

  3. Such a cute dress! Love the sparkle!


  4. Thank you! Glad you like it

  5. Me too! It's perfect for NYE

  6. Thanks Ebony for the tip!