Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Giveaway

In honor of the holidays, I'm teaming up with eight other lovely bloggers to bring our readers an amazing holiday giveaway!! Keep reading to see the prizes and find out how to enter :)

The Rules:

The prizes will be split up into two separate prize packages.

Prize Package {one} can be won by anyone anywhere... that means {international}.

but... prize package {two} has to be US only.

The first name will be drawn through that person will win prize package number {one}

then a second name will be drawn - if the person is located outside of the US a second name will be drawn again.... and again until it is someone located in the US.

Prize Package {one} - International

  • Helix Thread ease Tool from Nykki

  • Customized Blog Planner from Rachel

  • Julep Nail Polish {Megan} from Karen

  • Julep Nail Polish {Leah} from Karen

  • Kiss Nail Dress in Camisole form Karen

  • Broadway Press-on nails in Call My Agent from Karen

  • Soap and Glory body Spray and Shower Gel from Efia

  • Henry Holland Knee high Socks from Efia

  • Green necklace and Earring Set from Efia

  • Three months premium ad banner {150x50} on ;Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cosmetics

  • Six months {150x150} ad space on ;Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cosmetics

  • 5 pound elf UK gift Voucher {valid to EU only} from Alessandra

Prize Package {two} - US Only

  • Helix Thread ease Tool from Nykki

  • Regular 200x200 Ad Space on ;

  • Special edition Glossy Box from Fancy Francy

  • Ad Space on Wonderland Beauty Blog

  • Salon Effects {misbehaved} from Megan

  • Salon Effect {Purrr-fect Harmony} from Megan

  • Elf's HD Powder from Megan

  • 250x200 Ad space on ;The Feminine Crusade ;

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