Friday, October 4, 2013

Francy Answers: How to transition your dresses into Fall/Autumn

dresses in the fal

Dear Francy,
I'm more of a dress and skirt kind of girl and now that the weather is getting colder, I was wondering if you have any tips for how to wear dresses in the Fall. This is my first Fall up north and I'm nervous about the transition. Thanks so much!

1. Tights are your best friend. Don't even attempt to wear a dress without tights (or a similar contraption for those into retro guarders and things) once the weather starts to get chilly. For some ladies the thought of wearing tights and stockings may cause them to conjure up images of their mother (or even grand mother) but these accessories are definitely not a thing of the past. These days tights come in thousands of styles, looks, and forms: all perfect for younger (and older) generations alike.

2. Look for length. As a rule of thumb when wearing dresses in the Fall and even winter seasons, it's best to find a dress with either longer sleeves or longer hemlines. "Longer" doesn't necessarily have to mean "long sleeves", even the 2-3 extra inches that comes from three-quarter length style sleeves can make all the difference.

3. Layer Up. The age-old advice of the sages "layer up" happens to be especially true in the Fall. The best way to continue wearing some of your favorite summer pieces is to buy a few "toppers" as I (and probably only I) like to call them. Last year, fur stools, fur vest, and leather jackets were fan favorites of many. This year similar items will probably be popular as well. Decided on your favorites and pick up a few or "shop your closet" to find a few from last year.



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  1. This is exactly what I do in the winter! I layer tights and socks and cropped jumpers over dresses :)

    - Shanara x