Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Get Dressed Faster: 3 categories all your clothes should fall into


Closet organization isn't a new topic by any means. "Type A's" like me have been color coding and using folding boards for years, but how effective actually are these techniques? If we're honest with ourselves, seldom do we actually go into our closet saying "I want to wear red today!" (or any other color for that matter.) Getting dressed is largely a situational based task. What we decide to wear is based on where we are going!

After coming to this realization I decide to try and capitalize on this "discovery" by brainstorm ways in which to improve my closet organization. I knew that organizing my closet in a new and more efficient way could dramatically decrease my time getting ready in the morning and help me to finally get places on time. I thought about my typical week and created a "system" centralized around 3 "categories" of situations: work, weekend, and weddings.

Work: Clothing that you purchased specifically to wear exclusively at work. This would include items such as suits, expensive blouses, and work appropriate shoes. Since many of these items are dry clean only, it's best not to wear them outside of what they were intended for (work), that way they stay pristine and wearable for as long as possible. Having these items in their own section makes them easily identifiable in the morning when I'm getting dressed for work.

Weekend: Weekend clothes, or "play clothes" as my mom likes to call them, are items you wear in your everyday life. Anything from skinny jeans to leather jackets can go in this category. Although as the name suggest, most of the items in this category are only worn on the weekends, if you're anything like me, most of your clothes will probably fall into this category.

Weddings: So the last category may not be as obvious as the first two but it is just as critical. "Wedding Clothes" are items that you wear for special occasions such as a wedding, fancy event, or important dinner date. Like "work clothes" you wouldn't wear them to just any old event. These items may have special care instructions and as such should be separated from your everyday "play clothes" and set apart for more worthy events.

Bottom line:
Grouping items together helps to edit out "the noise" of other situational clothing and makes your options seem less overwhelming. Ironically, cutting out the noise of other situational clothing also helps to reduce that "I have nothing to wear syndrome" and makes it easy to pick out outfits for all occasions.


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  1. great tips! I never thought about it like that lol

  2. thank you!! glad you like it

  3. simple yet really helpful, thanks!

  4. Thank you!!

  5. This is a great post...I should really re arrange my closet :)