Monday, April 22, 2013

What to wear to a Spring Wedding

Weddings are a time to look your best, regardless if you're in the actual ceremony or not. If you're single, it's the perfect opportunity to meet a friend of a friend (just make sure they aren't trying to reenact wedding crashers). If you're in a relationship, it's the perfect time to show all your friends and more importantly exes that you haven't seen in a while that you still got it (be honest, you know you do it too). So yea, needless to say, the stakes are pretty high. Luckily, we got your back ;). Check out our how to post for inspiration on what to wear to your upcoming Spring weddings.

wedding outfit

Look for dresses that are form flattering but not overly sexy. Try finding a knee length cocktail dress in a soft pastel or warm coral like the one pictured above. Remember, sometimes more is more, show some skin but make sure you remain tasteful. Complete the look with neutral accessories and a cute white blazer.



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  1. I am attending a Tennessee wedding next month and I can't decide which shoes to wear. My dress is a navy floor length one shoulder gown with silver glitzy bust embellishments. I can't decide between pointy toe stilettos or something with a platform. I'm also sure that I will be getting DOWN on that dance floor. Any suggestions?

  2. fancyfrancyfashMay 6, 2013 at 9:16 AM

    I think pointy toe with an ankle strap would be gorgeous! If you send me a picture of the dress I can provide more detailed advice

  3. GOOD IDEA! What about a fall/end of summer wedding in August? Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance

  4. Sure! Working on this for you now :)

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