Monday, March 11, 2013

Must Have Monday: Midi Length


Every now and again we all get "hung up" on something we want and feverishly search for it until we find, buy, and subsequently forget about it a few months later. The "midi length" dress is that "it" for me right now. Wearing dresses that you can't sneeze much less bend down in as been done to death, so I'm officially declaring the "midi" to be the new "mini" for nights on the town.

As I piece together my spring and summer wardrobe (not to mention piecing together a "spring/summer body" at the gym) I want something that will be sexy and sultry for nights out without showing too much skin. Sometimes more is well more.
Check out a few of the ones I'm currently lusting after and let me know if you've spotted the perfect midi dress yet?



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  1. I'm completely feeling the Midi length right now for all the reasons you mentioned!

  2. I'm really into this length too - just wish I had longer legs!

    xo Ashley