Saturday, March 30, 2013

Francy Answers: What to Wear for Easter Sunday

Dressing for holidays and special occasions can sometimes be difficult, chances are you are you going to be surrounded by friends and family you haven't seen in a while and want to look your best. I myself am a firm believer in wearing my "Sunday Best" every Easter, and enjoy looking back on photos of everyone dressed up for the special day.

This year I can't think of a better combo then a beautiful floral print piece paired with a pretty pastel. Whether you have big plans for tomorrow or will just be having a quiet Easter with family or friends, I've put together two looks that are sure to help you look great as you celebrate the day.

Easter Outfit2

The key to this first look is to start off this look with a nice white blouse. Since you are going to be wearing a bold print as well as a bright pastels, you always want to make sure you are wearing a solid color neutral to tone down the look and  you can go for one with details like in the above example of pair it with a simple plain white blouse.


Easter Outfit 1

Outfit 2 is a classic floral print midi length dressed paired with a simple cardigan. Since it is still a bit chilly, you can opt to pair a light scarf with this look for extra warmth flair.

Comment below and let me know what your plans are for this up coming Easter!


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