Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to: Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

With Valentine's Day only a mere two days away those of you with plans couples everywhere have been freaking out for weeks trying to find the perfect gift and date outing. But almost as important if not more is the decision on what to wear on this special day. Figuring out the perfect beauty and fashion combo can be tricky, you want something that will make you feel beautiful on this most romantic of commercialized consumer driven days holidays. In order to help you achieve your makeup aspirations for the day, I wanted to share this beauty tutorial inspired by Rihanna that I came across.

Check out the look below for a "sweet" Valentine's How to and look out for a Valentine's Day outfit inspiration post coming soon ;)

Comment below and let me know what you think of this Valentine's Makeup inspiration post, do you plan to do a special makeup look for the big day?


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  1. Rihanna looks amazing there. Love the bold lip!!

    xo Ashley

  2. Hope your fashion week is being great, love this look. Reminds me of the Barbie make up look of MAC a few seasons ago.

  3. [...] her amazing closet, we’ve had to settle for just smelling like Rihanna and using her amazing makeup looks as inspiration,but after this past week, we can all collectively take two giant steps closer towards officially [...]