Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Look for Less- Blake Lively

Look for Less- Blake Lively

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Gossip girl star Blake Lively has great style on and off the set. Recently she was spotted shooting scenes for Gossip Girl rocking a gorgeous brown trench coat and a funky chunky scarf. Although the trench coat is definitely droll worthy, we can only guess how much that jacket most cost.

Love the look and want to see how to to get a similar look for a steal of a price? Keep reading to see my picks for recreating this look at only a fraction of the cost!




What to explore the look with a few more higher end brands? Check out the links below to more similar trench coats you can purchase!




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  1. Nice! I kind of like the Gap trench.

  2. I love this look! I think all of the pieces that you picked are very close to what she wore.


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  3. Awesome post! I love the coat!