Sunday, November 18, 2012

Must Have Monday: Leather Panel Leggings

Trying to find the perfect fitting pair of leather pants is like trying to find the illegibly written toy at the top of a kid's Christmas list ... the salesperson swears she knows what you're trying to describe and that it definitely DOES exist, but neither of you seemed to have ever actually seen one (at least not in real life). I love my leather panel leggings because they give the same basic look as leather pants but without the terrible awkward random bunching and overall ill fit on me. I purchased mine a year or two ago and since then it has been almost impossible to find another pair like them that have realistic vegan leather (you know, not that shinny plasticy looking crap). I had all but given up hope of ever finding a suitable replacement for my ripping at the seams leather leggings until this past weekend. Fellow blog friend Nicole showed up to an event wearing pants almost identical to mine. Instead of being enraged and "accidently spilling a cocktail on them" as I usually would do in a situation like this, I was literally ecstatic to find a leggings "twinsy". The best part... she had just gotten her pants that week and so they were still in stock!!! I guess some fashion nightmares have happy endings after all.


In love with this look too or currently craving something else? Comment below and let me know what’s on your “Monday must have list”!

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  1. This is actually on my Christmas list (which I created about 3 weeks ago. Lol.)
    But, on my Monday must have list lies a pair of platform Mary Jane wedge pumps with an ankle strap and the Jefferey Campbell Night Walk in Black Velvet.

  2. we'll take one of everything!!! the non bunchy-faux-leather pants are so hard to find! glad you understand our frustration :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. I found some at Target. I do have better looking faux leather pieces than the panel leggings I bought but they aren't too bad. Some of the fake stuff is really bad and some of it is pretty real looking. They are comfortable too!


  4. Club Monaco has some nice ones! They are my next purchase as soon as I get the time to go visit. They go with everything!!

    xo Alex

  5. Glad you like the post Stephanie and the items on your must have list sound sooo cute!!

  6. Yay, you understand my pain! lol

  7. I love Target, I found an amazing faux leather jacket there a few years ago and it's my favorite one. So cute and affordable!

  8. Thanks for the tip Alex, checking them out now!